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landfill sustainable technology solutions

Do Leachate Better.

Leachate Management Specialists is a Highly Successful Leachate & Wastewater Solutions Provider, With a Mission to Simply Do it Better. 

Solutions for Treatment, Disposal, Cost Avoidance, PFAS, Clogging & Much More...

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Leachate & Wastewater Treatment Can't be Guesswork

LMS Solutions are Driven by Data. Extensive Data.

We're an engineering firm that drives our revenue from solutions delivered to our clients and not billable hours. No matter what the situation or problem LMS will devise the best solution available for our customers, even if it is not our own.



“We are planning to evaluate this technology for numerous other landfills and expect the industry as a whole to embrace this new leachate utilization tool.”

“The phytoremediation leachate treatment system has allowed us to treat (utilize) 100% of the leachate that used to be trucked off-site.  This resulted in a “green” way to treat our leachate with a huge savings for our company as an added bonus

“I really do believe you are the best at what you do and have our best interests in mind.

"Their technologies and their company do the talking"

Do Leachate Better

We solve Leachate and Wastewater dilemmas with an unbiased approach and full transparency always

LMS Technology Solutions for WasteWater & Leachate


What is the LEEF System?

The LEEF System® is a proprietary solution to the complex global problem of PFAS contamination developed in Australia by leading environmental engineers, Water and Carbon Group. It is a remedy designed to make a lasting, positive difference to people and environments across the world while helping operators and industries meet the PFAS challenge head on.

The LEEF (Low Energy Evaporative Fractionation) System® is a unique treatment system designed to extract regulated PFAS contaminants from wastewater using minimal energy, no chemicals, or consumables. It takes advantage of the way per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances attach to air bubbles to effectively skim off and remove the contaminants. By utilizing foam fractionation, the LEEF System® removes up to 100% of long chain PFAS compounds.

PFAS Removal via Foam Fractionation


Learn how our proprietary Phyto-utilization Systems have been designed and leveraged to create low or ZERO discharge.  The PFAS countdown clock is starting...

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Poplars Consuming Millions of Gallons of Leachate Annually and NO POTW Needed

Vetiver Grass Grows Fast and Has Incredible Root Structure

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Vetiver Grass Grows Fast & Feasts on Leachate While Stabilizing Soil

Constructed Wetlands

H2S & Contaminant Treatment Experts

Project Management


What is Phyto-Utilization?

Nature is really powerful.  It has the ability to deal with most anything.  Phyto-Utilization™ systems leverage the high evapotranspiration capacity and highly tolerant qualities of specially selected trees and plants to eliminate landfill leachate and industrial wastewater.  With patented and proprietary systems design, the liquid is utilized as a resource and the contaminants act as macro and micro nutrients for the plants, fueling fast growth.  Can be designed to ZERO discharge and eliminate the need for PFAS treatment

No Mutant Plants, They Actually Thrive on Leachate

Simple O&M with High Cost Savings Vs. Other Methods

LMS are the World's Leading Experts on How to Do Phtyo Right & for the Long-Term

One of the Most Sustainable & Effective Ways to Eliminate Leachate on the Planet


What is the WAIV   System?

WAIV leachate & wastewater evaporator

Wind-Aided Intensified eVaporation, or WAIV®, is now  FULLY AVAILABLE for sites needing a better way to eliminate liquids and is quickly being adopted in leachate operations all over N. America.  WAIV is a proven & predictable leachate evaporation technology, originally developed for the evaporation of high TDS brine.  It has been adapted, tested and refined specifically for the evaporation of leachate and other industrial wastewaters.

The fundamental principle of WAIV® is to create a high density of wetted surface area within a very small footprint. Wind naturally passing through the sails causes intensified and rapid evaporation of large amounts of liquid.

No Mist, No Spray, Little Odor & Super Low O&M

Low to NO Energy Consumption

Can Evaporate 800,000 - 2.8 Million GPY Per Unit

Effective on Almost All Industrial Waste-Waters

Sustainable & Eliminates POTW's

Leachate Evaporation - Sustainable Wind Aided

Patented Sail Design Has 1.4 Football Fields of Wetted Surface Area in a 20X80 Footprint

Works in Hot & Cold Environment

Reduces Costs

POTW Independent

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FlowScience Leachate Scale Control Systems repel and remove scaling 24/7, making your operations easier and more sustainable.

FlowScience Technology Changes the Charge of Water's Ions and Solids Charge.  Charging Ions Changes Normal Reactivity of Typical Liquids.  From Scale Elimination on Pipe Networks to Entire WW Treatment Operations, FlowScience is Guaranteed to Deliver Reduced Costs and Reduced Carbon Footprint.

LSC Systems are Non-Intrusive to Operations and Come With ZERO Risk to Try and Prove.  Treatment Pads & Coils Simply Attach to the Exterior of Pipes, Pumps and Equipment That Form Scale  We do this because we can predict results and moreover; we hate the damage that's already been done to the environment and adding more harmful chemicals isn't necessary.

What Does FlowScience Do?

pipe calcium carbonite scaling.jpg

1000's of Systems in the Field


Money Back Guarantee

Low Power Consumption or DC Solar

Lowest O&M Option Available by Far

What Does Your Operation Look Like if You Could Eliminate Jetting & Chemical Treatment for Scaling for Good?

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Who We Are

About Our Company

We're humble, but talented and driven to change the waste-water industry.   Established in 2013 by a group of environmental professionals with a combined experience of over 80 years in the environmental consulting sector.  We wanted to find a better way to manage leachate by providing cutting edge, innovative, and environmentally sound treatment and disposal solutions for the solid waste industry.  But we didn't stop there.  Today we are experts in leachate & waste-water treatment and management.  Most importantly; we put the needs of the planet and our customers/partners ahead of all things.  Especially billable hours.  We're changing the industry and we'd love to talk to you to show you why and how.


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Brad Granley

CEO, Leachate Management Specialists

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We offer a diverse range of leachate and waste-water treatment services and solutions that will simply make your operations better.  Or we won't take the job.

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Proven PFAS Treatment

Leachate Management

Leachate Disposal

Feasibility & Best Solution Studies/Plans

Problem Solving

Engineered Wetlands

Honesty, Integrity & Sustainability

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We believe each client is a long term partnership

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