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Scale Control Technology

Electronic Scale Control Eliminates the Need for Jetting & Chemical Descalers.  Literally 1000's of Units in the Field

What Does FlowScience Do?

Finely Tuned Electro-Magnetic Pulse Vibrative Frequency Repels Scaling from Precipitating on Static Surfaces

leachate scale

Flowscience Scale Control Systems Prevents & Even Removes Scaling from Pipes

leachate scale on a pump

FS Pump Protectors Repel Scale From Forming on All Types of Pumps to Keep Liquids Moving

Flowscience leachate scale control systems on a landfill

Scale Control and Removal Before & After

leachate scale on a bob


A Permanent Solution that Protects the Integrity of Vital Landfill Infrastructure Components With NO Side Effects

pipe jetting

Most Often Eliminates Ongoing Jetting & Chemical Treatment Permanently 


Protects the Integrity of Collection Systems, Rock Packs and Equipment


Sustainability Built In, FS Systems Draw Low Power or are DC Solar Powered

Sump Pump Scaling solution

Non-intrusive to any application, FlowScience is simple to test on your site

With a Money Back Guarantee, Why Wouldn't You Give Flowcience a Try?

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