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Leachate disposal via phyto utlization

Phyto-Utilization™ Feeds on Leachate

Phyto-Utilization™ is the use of fast-growing and non-invasive plants to consume liquid waste to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for other disposal methods.  The Best Kept Secret in WW Treatment.

Phyto Solutions Can Avoid Additional PFAS Treatment, Other Notorious Non-Compliant Compound Levels and Unexpected Charges by Disposing Leachate on Site at Low to No Discharge.  What's a GREENER Solution Than That!?

leachate disposal via phyto utililization

How Phyto Works

Specialized Plants Feed on Leachate & WW and Live a Long Life

Phtyo Systems obviously capture precipitation to reduce liquid volumes but MORE IMPORTANTLY it is circulated and not recirculated from storage locations and utilized as moisture with the contaminants acting as micro and macro nutrients for the plants, fueling fast growth.  Macro nutrients can include nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, and others. Micro nutrients are metals such as iron, boron, manganese, zinc, and copper.

leachate system automation

Fully Automated Control & Distribution System + Remote Monitoring

leachate pump

Liquids are Pumped from Tanks or Ponds to Rows of Phyto Plants/Trees

save energy

Low to Zero Power Consumption + Very Simple Long-term O&M


Can be Designed to Have ZERO Discharge.
No POTW Needed


Sequester Carbon and Avoid PFAS Treatment with Phyto Systems. The Best Kept Secret in Leachate Disposal

Phyto Systems Can Last for Decades With Industry Low O&M Costs

Types of Phyto Systems & Benefits

Multi-Award Winning

Vetiver Grass


Extremely Resilient with Incredible Root Structure & Capabilities.  Grows to Full Size in Mere Months.  Loves Leachate

The Best Kept Secret in Slope Stabilization, Erosion Control & Seep Repair with Multiple International Awards

Excellent Public & Community Relations Initiative.  Residents Reach Out to Our Customers to Rave.  


Hybrid Poplars/Willows

Excellent Public & Community Relations Initiative.  Residents Reach Out to Our Customers to Rave About Phyto 

Awesome PR, Creates Habitats for Animals, SUSTAINABLE, Sequesters C02, Reduces Odors, Low to Zero Energy Consumption; and We Could Go On

A Current Solution to BYPASS PFAS TREATMENT.  If Liquids Don't Leave the Site, They Pose No Risk and Seemingly Follow Guidelines as Leachate is Not Recirculated or Airborne

Vetiver grass growing on a landfill

Vetiver Can Reach Full Growth in Just a Few Months

Hybrid poplar phtyo utilization disposing of leachate on a landfill

Hybrid Poplars Grow Fast and Look Asthetically Pleasing

landfill wildlife on a phyto cap
wildlife on a landfill

They Become Habitats


“The leachate phytoremediation project proves to be an inexpensive green approach that utilizes landfill leachate onsite.  This project is environmentally friendly with low operation and maintenance cost.  This is a truly green approach to treat leachate.”

“The phytoremediation leachate treatment system has allowed us to treat (utilize) 100% of the leachate that used to be trucked off-site.  This resulted in a “green” way to treat our leachate with a huge savings for our company as an added bonus

“We are thrilled to partner with LMS on such a revolutionary approach to onsite leachate treatment.  The Phyto-Utilization system benefits the residents by reducing the long-term costs for leachate disposal while increasing biodiversity within the area.  Being able to achieve these two goals simultaneously meets our mission to be both fiscally and environmentally sustainable within one project.”


We have proven, predictive modelling based on your sites specifics and plug information into intuitive data & modelling.  It's about 96% accurate with safeguards in place to ensure meeting or exceeding leachate disposal targets giving you complete control of your leachate and costs


Phyto doesn't only feed on leachate that your site produces, but helps clean the air and produce oxygen.  We think that's HUGE

What Can 10,000 Trees Over 5 years Do?:

5371 Tons of Oxygen

Allows 5800794 people to breath for an entire day

Stores 2014 Tons of Carbon

landfill with leachate

Projects; With More In Motion

Note: the numbers on these projects do not denote total cost savings and are based on mid 2021 data and Do Not factor in total residual savings

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Landfill leachate disposal with vetiver grass
Mallard Lake Landfill Leachate Treatment with Phyto.jpg

Mallard North Landfill

Phyto Leachate management.jpg

Woodland Hills Landfill

phyto utlization leachate disposal on a landfill

Quad Cities Sanitary Landfill

Fort bend landfill phyto leachate disposal
Hybrid poplars leachate dispsal at Fort BEnd Landfill

South Barrington Landfill

Phyto Systems are a WIN-WIN-WIN solution for the environment, industry, and community.


Total Disposal and O&M Can be as Low as $.02 CPG

Don't You Think Phtyo is Worth a Look?  It'll take a Few Hours to Figure Out

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