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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We're a perfect match for any leachate or waste-water related project simply because we put the best interests of the environment and you before us.

Innovative Treatment Technologies

We work hard to develop better technologies for treatment of leachate and waste-water.  By knowing the industry we've invested and developed technologies that simply make operations better.

Phyto systems, WAIV Wind Aided Intensified eVaporation systems, LEEF Foam Frac PFAS removal, FlowScience scale control systems and much more are some of the most innovative and simple O&M solutions in the world.

LEEF pfas foam fractionator on a landfill

Solutions to Problems

No matter what you may be up against, changes to regulations, costs increasing, dilemmas, we can help.  Our team has spent decades solving the most challenging problems and won't stop until we do.

We're completely transparent in how we approach and manage projects and will never put billable hours in line with our service.

Project Management

NO matter how complex the challenge we know that we've set ourselves apart from other engineering firms by delivering results since 2013 without compromise and without surprise bills.

We can manage any project better or we simply won't take the mandate.  It's that simple.

Talk to us before anything leachate or waste water related and we're sure you'll be pleased you did.

Fixing a Pipe

Special Projects

We've become the MacGyvers of the leachate and wastewater industry, finding practical solutions to complex problems.

We can manage any project better or we simply won't take the mandate.  It's that simple.

Talk to us before anything leachate or waste water related and we're sure you'll be pleased you did.

Cost Lowering 

We work on a basis of finding the best solution for our customers bar none, not the solution that benefits us as an organization the most.  What that means is we will vet the best of the best technologies and solutions that benefit your particular operation the most.

We see too many operation bleeding unnecessary costs simply because they don't have the time, resources or knowledge of who to call to help.

Who can help? LMS can.

engineers talking
Solar Panels in Mountains

Sustainability Solutions

We strive to lead with sustainability in mind first.  It's important to us and we work with clients where we share this belief.

Planet before Profits can't be a more true way to sum up the Leachate Management Specialists Team and all we do.

Phyto-Utilization Experts

The best kept secret in leachate disposal.  Phyto feeds on leachate and is the ultimate solutions for closed sites or brownfields dealing with liquids.

With PFAS laws looming PHYTO is unrivalled in treating leachate on site and avoiding additional costly PFAS treatment.

vetiver grass
leachate evaporation

WAIV Evaporation

Essentially WAIV speeds up evaporation exponentially and in a small footprint.  When space is vital WAIV uses the power of nature and some patented science to intensify evaporation rates on site.  

No mist, no real O&M, movable and long term.

Could WAIV help your operation?

LEEF PFAS Treatment & Removal

PFAS treatment laws are looming.  It's simpler a matter of time.  Are you ready?

Our LEEF System got ahead of the situation being developed for a country where PFAS was a concern far before North America.  LEEF simply works.

The patented Foam Fractionation process is proving over and over again it can achieve near non-detect removal levels of PFAS to keep your operation going in times where WWTP's can cut you off in a flash.

Are you ready?

LEEF pfas removal landfill
leachate scale clogging pipes


Thousand of systems in the field keeping liquids moving over 22 years.  FlowScience uses an electromagnetic, vibrative frequency to keep scale off pipes, pumps and equipment long term. 

FlowScience really works.  Our technical crew can walk through any problem and provide a predictably analysis with a few pictures and drawings.

If jetting and chemical treatment is a regular thing, call us soon.  I'm sure we don't have to give you the definition of insanity.

Want to Talk Over a Challenging Project or Initiative With Us?

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