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Aaron Gilman Comes Out of Retirement to Join Team LMS

Aaron Gilman has been enticed out of retirement to join the Leachate Management Specialists (LMS) team as Vice President of Client Solutions where he will help make a difference in our industry by bringing sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to landfills across the country.  Although he had (maybe too much) fun opening and operating a brewery in Virginia, skiing all across the country, and volunteering in numerous capacities in his community, his passion is solving problems in solid waste and LMS is ecstatic to have him on our team. 


Aaron is excited to expand the use of green technologies and do things better with low-maintenance systems that solve problems and cost less.  A primary goal is to help the industry solve the PFAS dilemma with the LEEF System® (Low Energy Evaporative Fractionation) which can remove PFAS directly from raw leachate down to very low levels and prevent landfills from being cut off from disposing leachate at wastewater treatment plants.  He is excited to help form strategies with colleagues and friends at landfill facilities to prepare for imminent PFAS challenges.


With over three decades of environmental pollution control and remediation experience, Aaron stands out as a seasoned professional in landfill facility construction, operations, and repair. He is a veteran that served as an aircraft mechanic while in the Air Force working on C-5’s and C-141’s (thank you for your service, Aaron!) and this experience prepared him to handle nearly any landfill issues including leachate infrastructure construction, major overhaul/repair projects, and gas collection systems. His expertise extends to solid waste facility permitting, construction, operations, and he has developed numerous landfill odor control projects. His experience with polyethylene (PE) pipe fusion, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe installation, and the setup of condensate/leachate containment and collection facilities provides years of solutions and problem solving for the landfill industry.  Aaron's hands-on approach in project estimation and execution demonstrates his commitment to creating cost-effective and sustainable solutions.


There are so many more interesting things to know about Aaron that this last paragraph is worth the read, and we’ll share more in the future.  He retired from the environmental industry nearly eight years ago after 26 years of service. After retiring he acquired properties in western Loudoun County, Virginia, and helped to build “B Chord Brewing Company” on 65 acres of beautiful, wildlife-filled property with an unforgettable view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Aaron stated that B Chord Brewing out of Round Hill, Virginia was both a lot of fun and a lot of work.  It was sold in December 2022 and Aaron followed another passion of downhill (sometimes extreme backcountry) skiing. In fact, when fully retired, he skied 60 days last year and chased the intense snowstorms as a hard-core powder hound does. He was one of those people trapped in 14 feet of snow in the Sierras for days where he skied a new mountain almost every day.  Another great adventure led him with his wife to paddle deep into the alligator-filled swamps down south for a week of exploring.  Not a typical vacation, but Aaron is always about doing something big.  Then, this summer he rode his bicycle on the 500-mile RAGBRAI race across Iowa (the biggest bike ride in the world worth a google) with 50,000 of his closest friends.  He tells you this because prior to joining LMS he was still thinking about landfills, and landfills continue to be his passion. Now, he is bringing his extreme passion back to the solid waste industry and LMS couldn’t be happier (or more fortunate) to have him on our team. Doing good things has always been his mantra and continues to be his focus. Please join us with a warm welcome back to the industry where we know Aaron will once again do something big and meaningful.  Welcome back Aaron!!

"We're excited to have you Aaron and we look forward to creating some greatness with you"

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