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We Won the King of Thailand Vetiver Award

Leachate Management Specialists has a representative heading to Thailand to pick up this unique award. We are very excited to announce we won the Outstanding Application of the Vetiver System Category of the King of Thailand Vetiver Awards!!

We use vetiver grass in some of our Phyto-Utilization systems at landfills to consume leachate in a green and sustainable way

Vetiver is an incredible plant that has so many advantageous uses for dealing with liquids and waste-water. It's unique root structure and composition consume a great deal of liquid volume and greatly help soil stabilization.

We use it in so many applications including full leachate disposal solutions through engineered phtyo-utlization fields and seep repairs.

One of the most sustainable methods for disposal of leachate and waste-water that there is on the planet. Learn more about vetiver at:

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